Lens Design & Optical Systems

Understanding aberrations, their roots and how to reduce them. Panorama of optical systems, especially for space applications and preparation for the ZEMAX practical lessons.

Microcarb optical design (Credit Airbus)

  • Easy paraxial computation / Paraxial chromatism & Secondary Color.
  • 3rd order aberrations description, computation and influencing factors / 3rd order study of some simple systems : plano parallel plate, thin lens, doublet, mirrors & telescopes, IR optics, diffractive imaging optics
  • Higher order aberrations / Zernike polynomials / Image quality criterions : spot diagrams, ray fan curves, MTF, Identifying aberrations from the ray fans / Lens design softwares optimization algorithm, advantages and limitations / Introduction to tolerancing
  • Imaging optical systems used mostly used in space instrumentation
  • Preparation for practical Lens Design exercises with ZEMAX