Optical CAD instrument modelling and analysis II


Knowledge and understanding in the following:

  • Basics of non-sequential mode
  • Basics of colorimetry
  • Optimization in non-sequential mode
  • Coatings, scattering and ray-splitting
  • Overview of CAD Import/Export

Application of knowledge and understanding in:

  • Designing, optimizing and analyzing a parabolic reflector
  • Designing, optimizing and analyzing an x-cube prism

Ability to identify and use data to formulate responses to:

  • Translate design specifications into OpticStudio
  • Improve system to meet the design requirements
  • Use appropriate merit function operands to enforce opto-mechanical constrains


Optical CAD instrument modelling and analysis I


Previous experience with other non-sequential optical design software


  1. Non-Sequential ray-tracing in OpticStudio
  2. Source and detector objects
  3. Basics of colorimetry
  4. Introduction to optimization
  5. Parabolic reflector example
  6. Overview of Coatings
  7. Scattering and Ray-splitting
  8. CAD Import/Export
  9. X-cube prism example