Remote Sensing

Start-ups, Spin-offs and Incubators

Module 1

The global space economy: Government budgets, commercial activities revenues, space markets description and associated values, trends, profitability and growth potential. This part of the course will provide an overview of the opportunities offered by mature space sectors as satellite manufacturing and services (e.g. DTH and FSS), high growth sectors (e.g. EO, GNSS) and emerging markets (e.g. satellites servicing and space situational awareness)


Module 2

Fundamentals of Image Processing for Remote Sensing

These lectures give an insight into the analysis of satellite data acquired by imaging sensors in a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum. All the main processing steps are discussed: fundamentals on image acquisition and correction, image enhancement, filtering in both time and frequency domains, feature extraction (spectral, textural, salient points), dimensionality reduction, feature clustering and image classification.  Several applications are presented including agriculture, geology, and archaeology.