Stray Light Analysis and Minimization


Knowledge and understanding in

  • What a stray light analysis is
  • Why stray light analysis is done
  • The adverse effects of stray light in a opto-mechanical system
  • The basic equation of radiation transfer
  • The stray light analysis process

Application of knowledge and understanding in

  • Terminology, radiometry and physics of stray light mechanisms
  • Adapting the design process to control and minimize stray light
  • Reading  scattering models

Ability to identify and use data to formulate responses to

  • Reading BSDF and TIS measurements
  • Reading stray light SPST measurements


Opto-mechanical engineering course

Also helpful

  • Mathematical skills

Mathematical skills


  1. Introduction and terminology
  2. Basic radiometry
  3. Scattering from optical surface roughness
  4. Scattering from particulate contamination
  5. Scattering from black surface treatments
  6. Ghost reflections and aperture diffraction
  7. Stray light engineering process