The Verification Process in Space and Testing

Introductory modules: 

  1. The Project Management of a Space Project, including Commercial vs Governmental and EU vs US approaches. Description of the responsibilities and roles of the main actors: customer, prime contractor, suppliers, test house.
  2. Mission Assurance, Product and Quality Assurance, Safety and Dependability.
  3. Space Environment overview, units test and checkout, subsystems and satellite level test, functional, performance and environmental tests. 

Specialised modules: 

  1. The Verification Process: verification strategies, model philosophy, objectives, methods and levels. 
  2. Verifications and Testing Standards. 
  3. Environmental test: Electrical, Thermal and Mechanical tests short description, test flows, test facilities, equipment, instrumentation and data acquisition; key issues, pitfalls and best practices. 
  4. Cost/Schedule vs Performances and Quality; Application to New Space and Space 4.0.
  5. Case study: Verification and test processes for an optical payload.